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Betaseal Express+ BP G-EZKit Advanced-Cure Auto Glass Urethane, Adhesive Sealant

Betaseal Express+ BP G-EZKit  Advanced-Cure Auto Glass Urethane, Adhesive Sealant


  • MSRP: $276.60
  • You Save: $76.65 (28%)
  • Brand: Dupont
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • SKU: Betaseal Express+ BP G-EZKit
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Placement on Vehicle: auto glass and many other applications
  • Warranty: Yes
  • MPN: Express+BP
  • Model: Express+BP
  • Dow/Dupont Urethane Adhesive
  • Betaseal Express+ BP G-EZkit
  • 1 Case -9 Sausages (20.3 fl, oz / 600ml) with 8 Nozzles (1 Uncut 7 V-Notched), 1 Bottle of 5504G (1.4oz) comes with daubers, 1 Can of GC-800 Glass Cleaner (12 oz), 14 Betaprime 1-Step Glass/Frit Primer
  • **Buyer Note** Urethane Requires Primer to Glass Application
  • Urethane is not primerless - Urethane needs primer to adhere to glass frit band
  • Minimum drive away: 1 hour in temperatures as low as 0 ̊F
  • Sealant type: advanced-cure urethane
  • Exclusive RPM adhesive technology
  • High modulus
  • Non-conductive
  • Formulated for all standard glass replacements
  • Improved formula is easy to use with superior decking and short cut-off string
  • Crash-proven
  • Excellent for cold-weather applications
  • 8-10 minute working time
  • Meets all OEM requirements

Express+ Is a OEM Product used by many Auto Manufacturers

Buyer Note: This Product is a Professional Use Item and
should only be used by Certified Auto Glass Technicians

This Product Requires a 26 to1 Thrust Ratio Professional Sausage Style Caulk Gun to Dispense or Better

Buyers Agree to Hold Harmless Seller and Dupont Industries for Use of this Professional Product
Customers choosing to use this product without certification and
or knowledge
of it's use and cure times do so at there own risk

No returns if carriage is opened

Questions? Please feel free to contact us we are here to help.