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KlingON Rearview Mirror Adhesive Kit works w/Painted Surfaces on Glass

KlingON Rearview Mirror Adhesive Kit works w/Painted Surfaces on Glass

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  • Brand: Equalizer KlingON
  • Color: clear
  • Condition: New
  • SKU: KMK201
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Interchange Part Number: KMK201
  • Placement on Vehicle: windshield
  • Warranty: 60 days
  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Surface Finish: n/a
  • MPN: KMK201
  • Heated: n/a
  • Model: Any Auto Windshiel with attached rear view mirror
  • Features: 2 part Rear View Mirror Adhesive
  • Attachment Method: Adhesive
Simply the Best Rear View Mirror Product out there.
Single Shot 2 Part Application

The Main difference between this Rear View Mirror Adhesive and other Brands out there
Most Windshield nowadays have the Black Paint Patches where the rear view mirror attaches. Most other products are not designed to attach to painted surfaces.
This product will adhere to the paint. Not like most products which are designed for glass to metal only

Have you had or seen the situation where the mirror falls off and takes a chunk of glass with it? OHHH NO a new Windshield.... Yikes.

As long as the windshield hasn't developed a running crack, KlingOn will attch the glass stuck on the Button right back into where the chunk of glass came out.
No need to try to remove the glass from the Rear view mirror button. Careful don't cut yourself...

Many mirrors these days are complicated even to remove the buttom from the Mirror. With KlingON you can leave the Mirror Button on the Mirror as set the whole unit in place.

You will just have to hold in place for longer than just using the button by itself.
Remember Placment is critical and you only get 1 shot to place it right. Once it's bonded it's not coming off.

We own and Auto Glass Company and have been using this product for years

To install: Use a razor blade and remove any prior Adhesive from the Windshield and the mirror button. (Carefull don't cut yourself.)
Apply Brush on Primer, Activator to both the windshield and the button.
Apply a couple of drops of Adhesive to the Button. ( More IS NOT Better ) That will make it take longer to set.
Align Button to the exact placement, location you need. Hold in place for 30 seconds. Wait a few minutes before installing rear view mirror. ( If installing with button still on the rear view mirror hold in place for 2 minutes) This is a bit more of a challenge to keep mirror steady on the windshield which will be critical. We've had a bit of practice. 

Questions feel free to contact us.
Cars with eloborate set ups like rain sensors, camera's etc. We highly recommend taking to your local glass shop as they would be best to install these type.